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  • EU-funded Project


Plastic circularity and the use of bioplastics contribute to environmental protection, plastic waste reduction & marine litter reduction, decreasing CO2 emissions and reduce the tapping of natural resources.
Circular economy and recycling create a favourable framework for a sustainable development of the new plastic industry, boosting the local economy, employment and the links between different sectors and companies.
upPE-T solutions will promote the development of highly skilled bioeconomy-related jobs, which will be a major boost to the EU economy.
upPE-T will increase awareness among citizens among EU citizens of products and materials upcycling capacities.

Overall objectives:

Objective 1: Demonstrate the technical feasibility of enzymatic technologies for degrading PET and PE wastes.
Objective 2: Demonstrate the technical feasibility of the biotechnological production of a range of PHBV biodegradable biopolymers by using the resulting products of PET and PE enzymatic degradation.
Objective 3: Ensure sustainability and market acceptance of the upPE-T products and technologies.