Value Proposition

Welcome to a realm where innovation and collaboration converge.'s mission goes beyond standards. We cultivate dynamic partnerships with research-funded communities, igniting a pan-European spark of innovation. Join a community that pushes boundaries, giving rise to groundbreaking developments. If we work together, we thrive!

The Synergies page offers a dynamic platform for networking and showcasing your activities. Discover like-minded projects, Standards Development Organisations, National Standards Bodies, industry leaders, and public-private partnerships to foster innovation and drive standardisation development forward.

Standards are the bedrock of the EU single market, underpinning competitiveness, technological sovereignty, and the safeguarding of EU values. Our mission at is to empower European actors in standardisation, fostering agility, flexibility, and foresight to meet evolving needs. We understand the challenges of engaging with standardisation processes. That is why acts as your trusted guide, facilitating meaningful dialogue and collaboration between your Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe or Digital Europe project and the standardisation landscape. By bridging the gap between projects and Standards Developing Organisations (SDOs), we amplify European influence in global standardisation efforts while enhancing competitiveness on the international stage. Our tailored services are designed to make the standardisation journey accessible and actionable for all stakeholders, including SMEs.

Background and guidelines

This section of the website serves as a collaborative hub for the standardisation ecosystem. It provides a space for stakeholders interested in advancing standardisation efforts, either individually or collectively, to maximise networking opportunities. To ensure a productive and respectful environment for all users, please adhere to the following guidelines:

Express Opinions Responsibly 

While the platform encourages open dialogue and exchange of ideas, all opinions should be expressed in a respectful manner. The consortium and its partners do not endorse individual or personal opinions shared on the platform.

No Promotion of Products or Solutions platform is not a marketplace. It is dedicated to fostering collaboration and promoting the use and development of standards, particularly among SMEs. Therefore, refrain from promoting own products or solutions.

Webinar Opportunities offers the opportunity to organise dedicated webinars focusing on standards mapping, tailored to specific topics of common interest. If you're interested in hosting a webinar, please reach out to our team for assistance. No application process is required. Simply get in touch with us providing information about your project, related projects in your field, and your area of activity. Our team will evaluate the feasibility of organising a standards-focused event that benefits all participants.

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