Success stories

ROMSOC's subproject ESR2

Reduced Order Modelling, Simulation and Optimization of Coupled Systems

ROMSOC's subproject ESR2 is focused on designing, implementing, and deploying accurate digital twins of any process of interest to achieve the best performance of mathematical modelling, simulation, and optimisation techniques.
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Influencing the Existing Standardisation Landscape through CWAs

As the EU is committing to the strengthening of the circular economy principles and business models, standardisation efforts have to facilitate the market uptake of circular sustainable solutions.

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Mapping Standards in the Realm of Self-healing Properties

SHINTO applied to the standardisation booster service to get support in connecting the SHINTO management and researchers with the right stakeholders in the standardisation scene (standardisation or

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High-performance modular battery packs for sustainable urban electromobility

HELIOS aims at developing innovative materials and technologies to create a new concept of scalable battery pack for the electric vehicles.

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Materialising the Digitalisation Benefits for the Construction Industry through Standardisation

COGITO fosters interoperability, aligning digital twins with BIM to advance Construction 4.0.

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Building a Circular Future: Empowering the Construction Industry through Standardisation

The success story of the HOUSEFUL project highlights its efforts to promote circularity in the building construction sector through standardisation.

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