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NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland) is Ireland’s official standards body. We operate under the National Standards Authority of Ireland Act (1996) and we are accountable to the Minister for Business, Employment and Retail at the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment. As Ireland’s Official standards body, NSAI aims to inspire consumer confidence and create the infrastructure for products and services to be recognized and relied on, all over the world.

The Training Series Standardisation in Practice aims to make European NSBs' activities closer to researchers. Through various topics relevant to researchers' activities, the training sessions of this series intend to introduce the work of national standardisation bodies and provide some answers on how NSBs can support research projects.  In december 2023, the training session 5 explained the role of the NSBs based on the case of the national standardisation body of Ireland – NSAI. Furthermore, the winner of the prestigious Young Researcher Award by CEN and CENELEC, Dr Sweta Malik, has trianed the audience on how to identify gaps in the current standards.

NSAI has also been involved in the organisation of the webinar Standardisation in the Health Sector which aimed to shed light on the critical role of standards in the healthcare industry and foster a deeper understanding of their integration. This event offered valuable insights into the application of standards in key areas such as health informatics, artificial intelligence, risk management of health information technology systems, and the pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The target audience, particularly researchers engaged in EU-funded projects, had the opportunity to glean essential knowledge on harnessing standards to elevate healthcare practices, boost interoperability, and effectively utilise research outcomes through standardisation.