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Artificial intelligence, data and robotics (ADR): these are three domains that are closely connected. The rise of artificial intelligence was made possible due to the availability of data, and advances in robotics made it possible to increase the number of sensors that each robot can have. In this context, the EU-funded Adra-e project will work to boost Europe’s excellent research centres, innovative start-ups, a world-leading position in robotics and competitive manufacturing and services sectors. With a consortium composed of leading industry and research organisations in all three domains, the project will create the conditions for an inclusive, sustainable, effective, multilayered and coherent European ADR ecosystem. The expected result will be the increased trust and adoption of ADR.

Trust-IT services and COMMPLA SRL and DCU are all partners in both ADRA-e and HSbooster. Therefore, collaboration on the recruitment of ADR standardisation experts has facilitated support on standardisation to projects in this area.