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  • EU-funded Project
  • Public-Private Partnership


6GSNS is a coordination support action which is building a collaboration environment for European and global actors involved in the preparation of 6G smart networks and services (SNS). 

It will support the SNS Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) in presenting, leveraging, and positioning their activities and achievements in major European and global fora. The project will work at a global level with other regions, where 6G activities are planned and ongoing. Key standardization activities will be also monitored, and main roadmaps and trends will be communicated back to the SNS JU projects.

The project will also seek to align activities across the landscape by establish dialogues at a European level between peer Horizon Europe Partnerships, national initiatives, research and development clusters, etc., targeting the exchange of information, plans and priorities.

SNS ICE will create opportunities for tailor-cut 6G solutions and their early adoption by the verticals industries as it engages vertical industries in identifying their requirements and promoting the SNS JU solutions to them. This exchange of ideas will contribute significantly to secure Europe’s leading role in the definition, provision, and exploitation of 6G solutions.

HSbooster.eu has cooperated with the SNS-OPS CSA, part of the SNS JU, in the organisation and delivery of a series of three events on Pre-standardisation in 6G