Synergies with Value Proposition

According to the EU Strategy on Standardisation, standards are at the core of the EU single market. Europe’s competitiveness, technological sovereignty, ability to reduce dependencies and protection of EU values, including social and environmental ambitions, will depend on how successful European actors are in standardisation at international level. This not only involves strong standardisation skills across industry and academia, but also requires European standardisation to become more agile, flexible and focused to anticipate the standardisation needs.

At the same time, European standardisation must respond to an increasingly rapid innovation pace and needs to deliver standards fast, while preserving high-quality outputs. Other non-European industry-led consortia are leaner and faster in developing standards.

The strategic importance of standards has not been adequately recognised at the cost of EU leadership in standards-setting. This must change. The strategy proposes a set of actions to put standards back at the core of a resilient, green and digital EU single market and to strengthen the global role of the European standardisation system. comes at a right time to effectively respond to the main priorities (so-called urgencies) outlined in the recently released European Strategy on Standardisation to speed up the pace of innovation through the development of efficient standards that might be capable to accelerate the transition towards a more resilient, green and digital economy and to protect democratic values in technology applications. facilitates and streamlines the dialogue between Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe Research & Innovation projects with the Standardisation landscape and its main actors, namely corresponding Standards Developing Organisations (SDOs) to increase the European impact on (international) Standardisation and strengthen the European competitiveness. The actual process to engage with Standardisation working groups, technical committees, focus groups can be complex to comprehend. This is where steps in by facilitating a real and practical approach to standardization processes and their environment to stimulate their participation so that they can actively contribute to enriching existing standards or generating new ones. All this taking into account and fostering the participation of SMEs.