Project Name: ‘Field -testing and demonstration of digital and space based technologies with agro-ecological and organic practices in systemic innovation’


PestNu targets the field -testing and demonstration of digital and space-based technologies (DST) and agro-ecological and organic practices (AOP) under a systemic approach to reduce the pesticides and fertilisers use, and the loss of nutrients. All the DST will be interconnected to a user-centric cloud-based Farm Management System, which features a DSS integrated with a blockchain-based system for DST data evidence, integrity, and AI model verification and with a cybersecurity platform to prevent cyber-attacks and IoT vulnerabilities. The AOP include on-site production of biofertilisers from agricultural wastewaters through a robust automated drainage recycling system via an innovative enzymatic hydrolysis procedure; a novel foliar biopesticide formulated by circular bioeconomy operations, targeting fungal diseases with biostimulant effect; and advanced nutritional programs for organic farming. The showcase systemic DST & AOP solutions will be demonstrated and tested in aquaponic and hydroponic greenhouses and open-field vegetable cultivation in Greece and Spain. A Pesticide Reduction Program will evaluate the Maximum Residue and the Acceptable Daily Intake levels to ensure vegetable's food safety and LCA activities will be performed. All these systemic approaches will be performed under a strong collaboration among all the Farm to Fork stakeholders and European Commission services.

Reason for applying to services

We think the booster service would be most beneficial in helping identify standards committees where our input into standards would be most beneficial/ help with influencing standards relevant to the project. As the technologies developed are quite different from each other, it means that there could be a number of different committees that our input could be useful in, but it's identified where that effort would most likely be realised that we would like help with. 

Main Standardisation Interests

The PestNu project has a task dedicated to standardisation activities: 

  1. scanning and monitoring of existing and upcoming standardisation activities related to PestNu DST and AOP innovations,
  2. identification of standardisation needs (testing, evaluation,, etc.) taking into account the developers, potential end-users and legislative and regulatory requirements,
  3. communicate via an appropriate national mirror committee with key standardisation bodies

At the moment, the standardisation task of the project is at the stage of identifying the needs of developers and pinpointing the standards/active processes in the standards committees that are most relevant to them. The technologies being developed are related to fertiliser and pesticide use reduction and are very different from each other - some using AI, others blockchain technologies, wastewater treatment, food waste treatment, IoT communication gateways.

Open Call Topic(s): Green transition in Europe

Project Acronym: PestNu


Grant Agreement Id: 101037128

Start Date:

End Date:

Programme: H2020-EU.3.2. - SOCIETAL CHALLENGES - Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine, maritime and inland water research, and the bioeconomy

Call for proposal: H2020-LC-GD-2020

Funding Scheme: IA - Innovation action