Project Name: Field Trials beyond 5G



The evolution of 5G is already in the planning stage via the 3GPP-Rel 18, building on the success of the 5G Service- Based Architecture. Advanced, AI (artificial intelligence) driven functions are planned for the management plane, enhanced access to slicing and support for reconfigurability, as well as a deeper integration of Multi-Access Edge computing. The convergence of the cyber and physical worlds that could be achieved with the very low latency and high data capacity of beyond 5G and 6G networks and thus the creation of services such as digital twins and internet of senses/haptic applications. This is where FIDAL steps in, targeting the augmentation of human capabilities, allowing vertical industry players to perform advanced technological and business validation in large-scale field trials of highly innovative and advanced applications, that exploit beyond 5G technologies. This, in turn, will provide extensive and valuable feedback to the broader industry, academia, innovators and community before wide commercial deployments of Beyond 5G networks throughout Europe. FIDAL will identify areas in which there is a need for standardisation, especially related to the open interfaces for the provision of concurrent and multiple service offerings across 5G evolution networks, by identifying standardisation gaps and contribute to the relevant standardisation bodies (e.g., 3GPP, ETSI, MANO, NGMN, ITU), validating the results of these groups by real field trials with real end-users.

Reason for applying for the services

FIDAL consortium wants to select the best opportunities for helping standards evolve based in the Field trials results that FIDAL will obtain. FIDAL has defined several use cases and will bring more through the Open Call process that is being set up. The FIDAL use cases are:

  • UC1 - Internet of Senses
  • UC2 - DT for first responders
  • UC3 - City security event
  • UC4 - Sports area media services
  • UC5 - VR networked music performance
  • UC6 - XR-assisted services for public safety
  • UC7 - Smart village engagement services

Open Call Topic(s): Emergency management, Internet protocols, Interconnected city

Project Acronym: FIDAL

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Grant Agreement Id: 101096146

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Programme: HORIZON.2.4 - Digital, Industry and Space

Call for proposal: HORIZON-JU-SNS-2022

Funding Scheme: IA - Innovation action

Pool of Experts

Tasos Dagiuklas

Tasos Dagiuklas

Head of Cognitive Systems Research Centre
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