Open Calls for R&I projects - FAQ

What are the open calls?

The open call is the means through which H2020, HE and DEP projects can request a support from HSbooster to help them work on a standards-related activity. The Projects will apply to an open call and the delivery model will be “first-come-first-serve”, where the applicant projects will only be rejected if they do not live up to the eligibility criteria.


How many open calls are available?

A continuous open call is running throughout the lifetime (Sept 2022 - Jan 2024). Specific topics of the call are available described in the open call.


When is the next open call?

The continuous open call opened in June 2022. Visit our website for more information and sign-up to our newsletter to always be updated.


What are the main open call topics?

The open calls focus on the main standardisation urgencies. Visit our open call topics page to access the full list of covered areas.


How can I evaluate my project’s readiness towards standardisation?

The project will provide an assessment tool to guide projects in measuring their standardisation readiness. The tool will be available in 2023.


What are the eligibility criteria for projects to apply to an open call?

Projects (represented by their beneficiaries) are eligible to apply to the open call online through the website where full details of each call will be hosted. An eligibility evaluation will be carried out to make sure that

  1. the applicant project is funded by the EU; 
  2. the individual applicant(s) represent the task of the project that has standardisation potential; 
  3. the applicant works in one of the EU Member States or Associate Countries, 
  4. the applicant accepts the Terms of Reference; 
  5. the application is not in conflict to the call topics;
  6. there is a clear link to the standardisation call; 
  7. a consultancy is the most suitable service and the helpdesk is not more suitable; 
  8. time required for service to be delivered does not exceed 3 months; 
  9. the application clearly identifies and respects EU sovereignty; 
  10. the request has potential impact with respect to the EU standardisation strategy.

If any of the above points are not suitable, the application will be rejected and the applicant will be able to re-apply. A feedback summary of the rejected application will be sent to the applicant stating which fields either require more information or stating the ineligibility. Applicants can therefore re-apply respecting the call deadlines.


What happens if my project is not eligible to apply to an open call?

Applications that have not passed the eligibility check will be notified via email where they will receive an eligibility report indicating results. Unsuccessful applicants will be able to reapply, addressing eligibility issues in the original application. 



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