Standards Orientation Tool - Empowering Projects' Standardisation Strategy Launches Standards Orientation Tool to Empower Projects and Organisations in better drafting their Standardisation Strategies



In a move aimed at concretely supporting European projects and organisations in their approach to standardisation, has unveiled its new Standards Orientation Tool. This tool is designed to assist businesses and projects in taking the first steps towards formulating well-informed standardisation strategies to enhance their operations and outcomes.

The Standards Orientation Tool begins by offering general advice to lay a solid foundation for standardisation efforts. It encourages users to apply for the dedicated free consultancy service, providing additional support for specific activities. In this general section, the tool emphasises five key steps to guide organisations in their standardisation journey:

  • Analyse Existing Standards and Ongoing Standardisation Work: Users are encouraged to perform a thorough analysis of existing standards and ongoing standardisation activities related to their projects. This step involves accessing the state-of-the-art in the relevant field and considering the application of standards in the project.
  • Conduct a Standards Gap Analysis: Organisations are advised to conduct a gap analysis to identify areas lacking standards within their subject or technology area. This involves comparing end-user needs with project results and existing standards to pinpoint areas in need of standardisation.
  • Decide on Standardisation Strategy: Users are guided to decide on a standardisation strategy for their projects. This includes assessing various paths for transferring research into standardisation, such as developing new standardisation deliverables or contributing to existing standards and ongoing standardisation efforts.
  • Contribute to Standardisation Activities: The tool encourages organisations and projects to actively participate in standardisation activities by proposing new work items or contributing to the development of standards. This direct transfer of research outcomes into standardisation aims to make them more widely available and exploitable.
  • Promote Standardisation Results: Organisations are urged to promote and capitalise on the results of standardisation. This involves featuring them in conferences and articles to increase their impact and facilitate wider dissemination and utilisation.

In the project-specific section, the tool then provides specific recommendations based on the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of the project and the current level of familiarity with the standardisation domain. invites you to use the Standards Orientation Tool by proceeding with a questionnaire. The responses will guide the tool in providing tailored advice, ensuring a confidential and personalised experience. For further support, users can contact at





Standards Orientation Tool - Empowering Projects' Standardisation Strategy