Meet Norma,'s AI-Powered Chatbot!

The chat feature, now available on the website, allows visitors to get the help they need, when they need it, using conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to simulate a human dialogue and resolve queries.

Norma chatbot among the available services's growing suite features Norma, a new chatbot accessible on our website, leveraging conversational AI to provide timely assistance. Complementing FAQs and the helpdesk, Norma offers quick and easily digestible information. You can explore now the Standards Orientation Tool for personalised recommendations to refine your standardisation strategy. In addition, seize the chance for free consulting services—apply at

Remember, you can consult Norma anonymously and you will be the one to provide more information if you wish. As a fledgling service, give her time and she will become more accurate and able to answer new questions.


All you need to know about Norma, the chatbot

chatbot pic
"How can I help you?"

That's the question's new virtual assistant asks as it moves around to help users navigate the site. Based on the resources and materials already available, the chatbot makes the user's experience easier and answers the first questions that may arise when dealing with standards and standardisation. 

Norma - the chatbot - is mature enough to handle 'off-topic' questions by directing the user to one of the questions in the knowledge base. This is thanks to a large set of questions collected over time, covering the range of needs and doubts that users have when approaching topics such as standards and standardisation. 

  • What does do?
  • How do I get advice from an expert?
  • How do I create a standard?

These are some examples of questions that Norma can answer like in a Q&A session, while also covering lead generation functions (e.g. providing or asking for contacts to continue the conversation and keep the user engaged).

You'll find her on the bottom right of the page, so why not let her help you while you browse?

Start chatting now with Norma! Norma - chatbot


Meet Norma,'s AI-Powered Chatbot!