HSbooster.eu Standardisation Training Academy, all you need to know about standards is here

HSbooster.eu has launched its academy dedicated to training and education on standardisation processes. The goal is to address the skills gap in expertise and the interplay between research, innovation, and standardisation processes, to enhance knowledge valorisation.


HSbooster.eu Standardisation Training Academy: Boosting Knowledge and Skills in Standardisation Education

Standards and standardisation drive innovation by facilitating the transfer, commercialisation, and valorisation of research results. On the HSbooster.eu website you now find a new webpage aiming to provide an efficient mechanism and accessible hub for resources boosting knowledge, expertise and skills in the field of standardisation. The HSbooster.eu partners are proud to publish it and make it accessible in time for the EU Valorisation week when the Code of Practice on standardisation in the European Research Area was presented during a specifically dedicated session on 27 April, 2023


The Code of Practice explicitly encourage R&I projects to engage in training in negotiation skills and policy work:

"Training related to stakeholder engagement and participation in standards development committees should be encouraged. Partners may find relevant information on support via the HSBooster.eu portal."

Through its training programmes, the HSbooster.eu Standardisation Training Academy aims to support the development of a skilled and knowledgeable workforce that can effectively engage with standardisation practices and promote their adoption in the industry. The resources available on the platform are aligned with the highest standards of quality and excellence in standardisation education, catering to learners of different levels, including beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners. Indeed, the academy offers a variety of training programmes that are tailored to the needs of different learners. These programmes are designed to provide a foundational understanding of standardisation principles and practices, as well as practical insights and strategies to deepen your understanding and take your skills to new heights.


HSbooster.eu Standardisation Training Academy: A unique hub for Skill Development in Standardisation

The HSbooster.eu Standardisation Training Academy (beta version) has carefully selected and developed a variety of resources covering a broad range of domains, including ICT and security standards, health and safety, quality management, energy management, environmental management, and food safety. These resources have been developed by top-class researchers, trainers, and standard-developing organisations (SDOs).

HSbooster.eu has partnered with established European Standards Organisations, giving project teams access to the resources they need to succeed. The academy offers training in essential skills such as negotiation, policy work, stakeholder engagement, and participation in standards development committees, enabling project teams to take their work to the next level and achieve their goals with ease.


Browse or choose a starter pack: Resources for learners of different levels

Users can browse the training material catalogue using the search feature and filters, or they can choose from the starter packs that have been selected and curated for learners of different levels. The starter packs are perfect for both seasoned professionals and beginners starting out in their careers. They offer a foundational understanding of standardisation with easy-to-follow resources. The intermediate-level resources provide practical insights and strategies to deepen learners’ understanding and take their skills to new heights. These resources are suitable for learners who are ready to level up their standardisation knowledge. The advanced-level resources, on the other hand, feature in-depth case studies and practical examples from industry experts. These resources allow learners to gain valuable insights and apply lessons to their own work, taking their skills to the next level.


HSbooster.eu Standardisation Training Academy: A Milestone in Standardisation Training and cited in the EU's Code of Practice on standardisation

The launch of the Academy's new webpage is a significant milestone, not only for the project but also for addressing the need for training resources targetting R&I projects, as highlighted in point 27c of the European Commission's Code of Practice on Standardisation. Indeed, the academy provides training content addressing specific aresas such as practical skills such as negotiation skills and how to participate in standards development committees.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, this platform provides resources that align with the highest standards of quality and excellence in standardisation education. Overall, the Academy is an excellent resource for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in standardisation. With a wide range of training programs, educational resources, and partnership opportunities, the academy provides everything you need to succeed in your career in this exciting and rapidly evolving field.

HSbooster.eu Standardisation Training Academy is out now