HSbooster.eu Gaming Session for Master's Students at Linköping University

The Serious Smiley Game continues its journey.

On Monday, April 29th, the Serious Smiley Game session will be organised at Linköping University in Linköping, Sweden. By invitation of Professor Andrea Fried, HSbooster's Ivana Mijatovic and Biljana Tošić will play the game with students enrolled in the course 'Organising for Cybersecurity' in the Master's program in Cybersecurity. The game session is part of the lecture related to 'Cybersecurity and Compliance Management,' serving as an introduction to soft law and standards-setting organisations.HSbooster

About Training Session's Serious Smiley Game

The Serious Smiling Game is a role-playing game designed to simulate discussions within an ad hoc working group in an imaginary standardisation organisation. It aims to cultivate soft skills crucial in standardisation processes, emphasising:

  • Argumentation skills
  • Strategic positioning
  • Building compromise
  • Fostering common understanding

Standardisation is a multifaceted discipline with both practical applications and growing academic significance. Incorporating serious games into standardisation training programs can prove to be a prudent choice. These serious games, crafted for educational purposes rather than mere entertainment, provide a highly effective training approach in this field.

The Serious Smiling Game is scheduled to be published on HSbooster.eu soon, making it accessible to the public. It will be the only completely free standardisation game available for use in training programs. In addition to providing the game for public use, training sessions will be conducted, and facilitators will be engaged as required to assist in its implementation.

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Ivana Mijatovic
Full Professor at Faculty of Organisational Sciences
HSbooster.eu Gaming Session for Master's Students at Linköping University
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Linköping, Sweden