HSbooster.eu Training Academy Session 3: Standards Users and Use of Standards

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Training Session 3: Standards Users and Use of Standards

23 June 2023 | 10:00-11:30 CEST

Thank you for joining us on our third training session on "Standard Users and Use of Standards" to explore the captivating world of standard users and uncover the transformative power of standards.
This engaging session offered a comprehensive overview of the Standard Users and the Use of Standards, featuring esteemed speakers Chiara Giovannini from ANEC and Maitane Olabarria from SBS.
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Standards directly influence more than 80% of world trade. However, the general public is often unaware of the existence and impact of standards. Generally, there are two types of standard users – direct and indirect. Direct users are standards implementers or organisations and persons that use or apply standards in various activities (e.g. research, design, production, service provision, conformity assessment, etc.). Indirect users are all those affected by the standard’s application, e.g. users of standard-compliant products and services. 

Standards are developed to be used. A successful standard is a standard that is accepted in the market. Understanding standards users might be a changing point in understanding the needs for one standard. There are plenty of reasons why the voice of direct and indirect standards users is vital in standardisation development. This training session aims to raise awareness of standards users and bring the work of Small Business Standards (SBS) and the European Association for the Coordination of Consumer Representation in Standardisation (ANEC) closer to researchers. 


Who should attend?

The training session is intended for the researchers who participate in EU-funded R&I projects and anyone interested in the basics of standardisation. 

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Agenda: (in CEST)

HSbooster.eu Training Series: Introduction to Standardisation

Training Session 3: Standards Users and Use of Standards


Introduction & Welcome Note - Nicholas Ferguson, HSbooster.eu Coordinator  (DOWNLOAD)


Standards Users and Use of Standards - Ivana Mijatovic, University of Belgrade  (DOWNLOAD)

  • 1st Mentimeter Session


European Consumers' Voice in Standardisation - Chiara Giovannini, ANEC  (DOWNLOAD)

  • 2nd Mentimeter Session


Voice of SME in Standardisation - Maitane Olabarria, SBS  (DOWNLOAD)

  • 3rd Mentimeter Session


Q&A and Closing Remarks














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HSbooster.eu Training Academy Session 3: Standards Users and Use of Standards
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